Window & Glass Repair Q & A

Window Repair Q & A

Who do I call to get my broken window fixed?

Searching on the internet for window a glass repair gives results for both companies that replace the glass in your frame and companies that only replace the whole window.  Make sure who you talk to is quoting what you need and not something you don’t.   If you have broken glass and you just need this replaced give us a call.

What causes a unit to fail in the first place one may ask?

Here in Colorado the biggest cause of an IGU to fail is pressure changes in the atmosphere.   Like what happens every Spring here on the Front Range when a big thunder storms rolls through your area it causes the relative air pressure to drop so fast that in air inside the unit can cause it to expand the unit so much that the seal gives out.   I’ve even seen windows pop like balloons from pressure changes.

What is safety glass?

Well there are five different types of safety glass on the market today.  They all have their place in the building products world.

Tempered or toughened glass is normal glass that has been fully cut and fabricated and then put through a heating and cooling process that creates a surface tension.  This surface tension creates a very strong piece of glass, but when it does break it does so into pea gravel sizes pieces.  This is much safer than regular plate glass or annealed glass because the pieces are too small to cause arterial bleeding or life threatening injury.  We use tempered glass for all our shower door and enclosures.  For further discussion on tempered glass go to our shower enclosure pages.

Laminated glass is used in applications such as windshields in cars, storefront doors that need to be secure from robbers, Skylights, and in thicker applications bullet resistant glass.  Like its name laminated glass is glass that has been laminated together with a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) layer in between.   When broken it stays together making it harder for people or objects to get through it.

Safety Filmed Glass is made by putting a film on normal or annealed glass to make it like laminated glass.  We install this film a lot to bring non-safety windows up to code.  For example, if one in a bathroom remodel has moved a tub over to a non-safety window it has to be brought up to code to meet inspector code.

Combination tempered/ laminated glass is used almost exclusively for skylights.   When one needs a strong glass and a glass that will not rain down on those below they go with laminated tempered glass.

Wire glass is only used these days as a fire rated glass.  In a lot of cases it does not meet current building code as a safety glass.  As the name suggests this is annealed glass with a layer of wire mesh running through it like rebar.  Although its great for fires and water steam ratings, it is some nasty stuff when it breaks.